Map Gallery

GIS Viewer This link will bring you to a GIS website containing multiple data layers and tools. Information for Manitowoc County and the City of Manitowoc is updated monthly. Information for the City of Two Rivers is from January 1, 2019.
GISViewer Website
Public Land Survey System Viewer This website provides access to Public Land Survey System (PLSS) information including tie sheets, section summaries, and Plat of Surveys. Certified Survey Maps and other recorded survey maps are available on the Register of Deeds Land Records website. Data are updated monthly.
Public Land Survey System Viewer
Soil & Water Conservation Dept. GIS Maps This link takes you to a collection of interactive maps created and maintained by the Soil & Water Conservation Department.
Soil & Water Conservation Dept. GIS Maps
Manitowoc County Supervisory Districts & Wards Links to 4 different Supervisory Districts and Wards maps. Last updated on 7/1/2016.
Manitowoc County Supervisory Districts & Wards
Twin Rivers Water Trail Interactive story map of the Twin Rivers Water Trail. Created by Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission in 2018.
Twin Rivers Water Trail
City of Manitowoc Officials This map shows the Elected Officials and Aldermanic Districts in the City of Manitowoc.
City of Manitowoc Officials
City of Manitowoc Street Index Map In addition to streets, this City map shows parks, schools, and many other points of interest.
City of Manitowoc Street Index Map
Maritime Metro Transit Routes Follow this link to download route maps or see a list of locations where you can pick up maps at no charge. Maritime Metro Transit will even mail you a copy.
Maritime Metro Transit Routes
Evergreen Cemetery Map Evergreen Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Manitowoc. This PDF map shows the cemetery’s layout by sections, lots, and blocks.
Evergreen Cemetery Map
Coastal Barrier Resources System (CBRS) The Coastal Barrier Resources Act (CRBA) of 1982 and subsequent amendments established the John H. Chafee Coastal Barrier Resources System (CRBS) and is administered by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service.